Dinner Party Recipes : 28 Minute Quick Dinner Ideas


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  1. Seriously….too much make up, you're naturally beautiful…feel free to tone it down. I mean that as a compliment. Also, I'd love to see a video where you're not rushing so much. You were breathing heavy and you were only cooking. Maybe because you get so excited? LOL

  2. You make everything feel so relaxed and down to earth. It's like watching my mom cook. I still make my favourites like the potato pancakes, pizzas, and apple cider that you posted from when I watched them a year ago. Keep it up! Also, everything always turns out great, cheers!

  3. Excellent meal compilation!! And, I love the tips & tricks you give throughout {ex: cold water & peeling beets and just your overall enthusiasm! I'm a happy subscriber!!! ♢Cheers♢

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