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  1. Awesome always enjoy watching your videos ….Pizza is one of my favorites we usally have it on Friday or Saturday . We eat home made soups , homemade meatball subs we eat a lot of fish and chicken ….. My hubby isn't a salad guy but I do love themΒ  πŸ™‚ My 10 year old is kinda picky he doesn't like anything with sauce on it everything has to be plain with salt & pepper . Hope your having a great weekΒ  xoxo

  2. Great video! Loved all the healthy options. Did you manage to keep that throat infection away? I was so happy to see you had posted a new video, yay! Sending hugs 😘😊

  3. Love this type of video! My son did the same thing when we transferred him to his big boy bed. We ended up putting a gate at his door. It took forever hopefully she will go back to sleeping for you. I don't know how you do it with working! I went back when my son was the age and lasted 7 months or so…couldn't handle daycare sickness, sleepless nights and never being able to catch up on my everyday task. I hope your able to stay home with Zara again!!

  4. Loved the vlog food looks so good. I have been looking out for a vlog from you. I hope Zara starts to sleep better for you. I haven't used any of Marion's kitchen packs yet they look great she was on Masterchef years ago.

  5. I actually started having those burrito bowls cause you had them in one of your old dinner videos, they're way better without the bread. I'm so bad with dinners, basically have the same 5/6 meals on rotation and pad Thai is one of them haha.

  6. yummy!!! Ive got a few whats for dinner videos up myself . Its nice to have another Aussie mum to watch. What do u use to edit if i may ask? . We are having Steak loaded potatoes and salad xo

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