Dessert: Strawberry Pretzel Salad Recipe – Natasha’s Kitchen


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  1. I missed the part how you fold in the cool whip. Now it makes sense why the jello didn't stay locked in. It's in the refrigerator now but I seen how some jello steep through into the pretzel and cream cheese is that ok? I can't believe I messed it up

  2. I accidently didn't leave the cream on top of pretzel crust in fridge to cool and put jello.on top and jello seeped through into bottom..I literally messed up the whole recipe ..sooo sad.

  3. And thanks for the reply
    I'm just made the pretzels but it's a bit salty even tho I put sugar

    Btw would the jelly go through the double cream if I put it on top ?

  4. Hello Natasha my granddaughter fixed it and we loved it, the second time she made it we didn't have enough strawberry's so we added a banana with the strawberry's, and sprinkled pecans on top… looks so good, we love your site, my granddaughter wanted to know if you have a pasta salad you could share, and a nice delicious dressing. thanks love your recipes…. oklahoma

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