Dessert Recipes – How to Make English Trifle


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  1. I agree. In a real trifle the cubes of cake would be drizzled with sherry or a liqueur. There would be thick pouring custard (not baked) and a lot more of it (the cake would be soaked). There would also be cubes of set jelly (jello).

  2. i'm english too, do mine with jelly, custard whipped cream, and sprinkles on top yummy! dont know where this version came from but it looks good, probs will give it a try, thank you for shareing

  3. This isnt an English trifle ….. this is a poor facsimile….. Real English trifle has custard…not instant pudding… it also has alcohol like sweet sherry, grand marnier etc ….this is like a short cut version for people who dont know how to make any desserts….

  4. This is terrible and definately not an ENGLISH trifle. Where's the sherry and custard? You NEED alcohol in a proper trifle… better recipe is here but its really simple. Bottom layer cake, jelly (jello) and alcohol (usually sherry but you can experiment with others) a layer of fruit (usually berries) a layer of custard that is then set and then a layer of whipped cream topped with chocolate or hundreds and thousands…. I think this has got me more mad then it needed to but what you have above is some kind of weird fruit salad.

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