Dessert Recipes – How to Make Cream Cheese Squares


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  1. I have made mine with just one cream cheese, half the sugar substituted with splenda/sugar combo, add the vanilla. Then take a brush and just brush melted butter over the top. Take just enough sugar in your fingers to sprinkle over the top and then dust lightly with nutmeg. Fantastic and way less fat/calories. You can use reduced fat cream cheese and reduced fat croissants.

  2. How to make this better:
    Less sugar
    Homemade dough
    Less butter
    Half of the cream cheese (probably)
    Making a crumble for the top instead of piling sugar and cinnamon on the top
    Lemon to cut back all the sweetness

  3. What in the need to use so butter!?
    And sugar is also too much!
    I think I don't need half butter and sugar. I was surprised butter too many!
    I think this square that's unhealthy.
    I'm sorry, I don't want to make this, I can't eat.

  4. The wheat in the crescent roll dough and the cup of of sugar are 100 times more dangerous to your body than the butter and cream cheese could ever be.  You can make these without the crust, and use Stevia for sweetening (and half a cup is probably enough unless you like really sweet things).  It comes out tasting better and is a standard desert found in a large number of low-carb recipe books.

  5. My mom has made these bars ever since I can remember, but there are some differences. She puts in some lemon juice with the cream cheese filling and she DOESN'T ADD BUTTER TO THE TOP! All she does is sprinkle the cinnamon sugar on without it. It turns out perfect. So if you don't want to add the butter or turned off with the butter, then don't do it. It will turn out fine and delicious! Save your hearts for a little bit longer!

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