Depression Era Potato Soup Recipe


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  2. if you cut the potatoes and onions into small chunks first you can cook in 1/2 the water. I make this with celery which has started to wilt in fridge. Lots of black pepper and saltine crackers very satisfying!

  3. I love the depression recipes you do. My grandparents had their own farm. Lots of potatoes, and green string beans. My grandmother told me many stories from that time. I'm greatful that you are sharing the recipes. Thank you, & God Bless♥️♥️♥️

  4. I love old recipes like this, because if you know how to cook this is how you use a recipe you don’t follow it to the exact teaspoon and you can always substitute ingredients or add things that will compliment the recipe well.

  5. I'm wondering if anyone can answer a question that I've had for years and to which I've never received a satisfactory answer:
    WHY is milk in Canada sold in bags????

  6. I grew up with a similar potato soup recipe. Dice 6 to 8 potatoes, half onion and 2 celery stalks cover with water, cook until just tender, add think rue/white sauce(1 cup milk, 3 Tbls butter, 3 Tbls flour) continue cooking until potatoes are done to taste. Salt and pepper to taste. This was the way my grandmother made it for my mother and my mother for me. My grandmother was born in 1912.

  7. My grandparents were depression era. This is my Grandfather's exact recipe except, he would drain the water (most of it) and did not mash the potatoes. A taste from childhood! Thanks for sharing.

  8. My grandmother made this and it has past down through my mother to me and my daughters. My grandmother added "ripples" firm drop dumplings. 1 cup of flour to 1 egg mix. Add milk if needed. Used tip of teaspoon (wet with soup) and dip into soup. They will plump up. Cook about 20 minutes until done.

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