DEMI-GLACE / Modern Restaurant Recipe for Classic French Cuisine


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  1. Just wanted to check in with you chef… I've been using your recipe for Demi for over a year now. I found a butcher here on Long Island NY that sells veal bones to me for about $2.30 a pound and I generally cook 10lbs at a time. (I know you will chuckle at that price) Last night I made seared Dry Sea scallops in a butter sauce, paired with seared Foie Gras in a port wine reduction made by taking a few ounces of Port, and reducing that by 1/2 and then adding a few ounces of Merlot and reducing that by 1/2 and then adding a generous amount of Demi-Glace and reducing again by 1/2. I'm still smiling this morning! Demi is such an important ingredient, so thanks again!

  2. Do you prefer a stainless steel stock pot for demi glace over aluminum ? I hear aluminum is great for heating and cooling fast which can be useful but that it can impart an offputting flavor . Any truth to that ?

  3. i know this video is old but i figure id bring up a question isn't this just a glace de viande not a demi glace because 1 you reduced it farther and 2. a demi is equal parts stock mixed with brown sauce( thickened brown stock) reduced by half you could in theory do a cleaner sauce by using more gelatin by doing more bones and/ or adding something like chicken feet or pigs ear and reducing.

  4. Chef I recently found your channel and am truly overjoyed. I noticed in the comments you have a book? I cannot find this book – I see you have a Cocktail book but I am interested in a cooking book. Could you provide the name and best avenue to purchase. Thank you.

  5. Here in the states, the broth/stock has gone down hill, especially the beef. The last few years, I refuse to buy it, because they are cloudy and worst, no beefy flavor. I used to make beef stock. Would you think canning the stock or freezing demi glace would be better?

  6. After making this the first time when you released this video I try to ALWAYS keep this ready in my freezer (in sealed ice cube bags). It can turn nearly any sauce used in any dish into something magical. It's so much easier than making demi-glace with sauce espagnol too.

  7. Hey Chef, again thanks for such a detailed presentation. I do have a question. If I were to make this demi, and at the end I poured the liquid into ice cube trays to refrigerate into cubes, would you recommend using these cubes for a gravy, and if so how would you put the gravy together? Thanks.

  8. Chef, I had a bunch of mangos from my tree about to go bad so I had to slice them up to refrigerate for shakes later. So I had to make room in my freezer which meant taking out a bunch of dollar a pound chicken drumsticks a relative brought over for a Mothers day party and didn't get used. I've been dreading cooking it up, so I just boiled it in chicken stock from bullion cubes to make shredded chicken for some burritos. When it came time to take the chicken out to shread, I figured I would make a sort of chicken demi-glace after remembering this video having seen it a while back. Because of my disdain for the meat quality I didn't look up any recipe, I just threw the bones and fat back in the pot and cooked it on a low simmer for another hour. Then I left it to cool at room temperature, then refrigerated, then took the fat off, then reduced it, then cooled it with repeated switching out of room temperature water, then my current stage it in the fridge a gelatinous brick. I know not much went into making it and the ingredients arn't the highest quality but its a fair amount and I rather not throw it away, but after watching this video again, and hearing about this danger zone with regard to the cooling portion, I'm wondering if its save to eat?

  9. Well, obviously that's not something an average homecook will do every week, and I noticed differences that only seem minor to my inexperienced eyes between the first stages of your demi glace and beef stock. So can I somehow make Brown Stock and Demi Glace simultaneously, before dividing the contents of my pot to treat them separately as needed afterwards?

  10. I made the recipe. I'd been trying to reverse engineer it for two years. Its not a lot of work, but a long process. But the results! It's like being back in Paris. Except for the beautiful women walking by every five seconds.

  11. I think this is the recipe I've been looking for. The sad state of North American food is such that I live in a town of 90 thousand and there is no butcher shop. How much do I lose by using beef bones instead of veal?

  12. Hi, I've watched a few videos about making sauces that definitely concur that rouxes are an old fashioned method. The other options were corn starch, simple reduction, and one I had never heard of, arrowroot. I was wondering if I could get your thoughts on those thickening methods. Thanks. Always enjoy watching your vids.

  13. I'm having trouble with my annotations.  The one time I need them to work, they don't.  I can't see your ingredients.

    I was wondering though how this is a demi-glace as opposed to a regular veal stock, especially because you didn't combine the two sauces you mentioned early on.

  14. I made this with veal bones, alot of joints, last weekend. I now understand why regular beef bones do not make a true demi glaze. I have never been so impressed with a recipe ive ever made. Thanks again chef, you will never know the thanks use home cooks owe you! I will now try that pork dish again!

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