Delicious Shredded Beef Slow Cooker Recipe


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  1. Please put some on a tortilla..add Spanish rice and refried beans.
    Wrap and deep fry to golden brown
    Serve with sour cream and salad
    I need my CHIMI!!!!!!

  2. Ugh! What am I doing wrong? The way it shreds is what I'm looking for. I've tried for 3 weeks in a row and my roast is tough and chewy and overcooked each time! Last time it was cooking on low for only 4 hours and it was already tough. Could there be something wrong with my crockpot? Yesterday I seared it then roasted it in the oven at 350 for only 1 hour per side and still…OVERDONE! SO frustrated.

  3. I made this tonight for my kids and husband..we watch a lot and i do meal prep for a fam of four…anyway they keep saying how amazing this is. only difference is I used skirt steak and used 1 more lime. thanks for the recipe!! 🙂

  4. I have pork in the slow cooker atm.
    Might have to try your flavour combo cinnamon not sugar for sweet to offset the spice sounds good.

    Shredded meat is so tasty/cost effective and easy to eat when busy👍

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