Delicious 5 Ingredient Vegan Meals


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  1. Please don’t ever stop making videos…some of these vegan channels just don’t have a lot that seems very appetizing for meal prep, etc but I could eat your meal preps for the rest of my life.

  2. Hey Rachel. I have yet to make kale pesto but I love me a good pasta mix. Thanks for reminding me to add to my next meal prep. Vegan sausages are actually not that bad.

  3. I always wanted to transition to vegan but struggled finding sustainable, not super complicated, yet still delicious meals. Then I found your channel! I love that your meals have so much flavor (and a Caribbean twist) and have many quick options. I’m slowly transitioning off meat now thanks to you!

  4. Girlfriend you have given me a new way of cooking both of those dishes I did a few screenshots & I'll definitely be making these and tagging you.. 😍🤗🤩

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