DEHYDRATION: Recipe and How To Make Beef Jerky from Ground Beef in NESCO dehydrator with an extruder


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  1. Awesome, just on food and fortunate enough to find you guys. When are you going to make your next video? Great Awesome Cheffette helper you have. Am now subscribed and my question is … how do a person rehydrate store bought dried stiff as a boot beef jerky ? Thanking you in advance for a reply. Cheers.

  2. I've added some chilli flakes and smoked it with some wood flakes and it was amazing I did about 1.5 pound but it didn't last more than a 2 days it was so delicious 😍😍

  3. I used my on concoction of garlic powder, ground cayenne pepper, pink salt ground, & a little dales seasoning. Talk about having to referee the adults. Awsome, thanks again

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