Deep Fried Chicken Recipe Video – How to Make Deep Fried Chicken with Bones – Easy & Simple


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  1. Finally mujy easy friend chicken ki recipe mil hi gayi pichle do gante se mein YouTube k sabhi channels pe dhoond dhoond k pagal ho gayi ye recipe. . Thanks a lot sir itni achi or asan recipe ham se share karne k liye:)

  2. Mr Yasir n Maymounaji the essence of your cooking display is that the dishes are Hyderabad and they are to the point no nakhras no showbiz. All the best for yr efforts in making the shows possible.

  3. Assalamualikum guys…..
    U Cooked v.well and its very easy dishes and available masalas I have an request 4r u I don't no how to make gulab jamun so please if u can please share wid us…. Best of luck And please share videos to us iam enjoying ur channel….

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