Day 11: 3 Dinner recipes for maximum weight loss & energy!


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  1. why do you call yourself a vegan, when you're really a fruitarian. A diet that has been around for centuries, and you have no part in "discovering" as you say in your e-book.

  2. Hi, any tips on becoming vegan? My husband loves his meats, chicken and all that. So does my two sons. I'm wondering how can I become Vegan in household who loves meat? I've been wanting to be V for years now.. Mainly for my health and well being.

  3. I'm a bodybuilder and I can't even begin to fit one tenth of that in one sitting. Idk, how this girl has the stomach capacity to do this, but most people won't be able to finish a quarter of what they had. This "diet" is just highly impractical and based on nonsense. Trust me, if you want to go vegan, you don't have to do follow this ridiculous plan. It will take over your life if you want to spend that much time scuffing 1.5 kgs of potatoes with 10 kgs of other veggies. I don't even understand why she chooses low protein high carb sources instead of stuff like lentils or chickpeas that are high on both carbs and protein. I can't imagine keeping up with that diet without it taking over at least 50% of my time. No thanks! There are plenty of more successful and healthier vegan diets out there.

    People, do yourself a favor, and actually research vegan diets before following this crap.

  4. Hi Freelee!!! I love your channel so so much!!! I'm thirteen and I have been a vegetarian for just about a year and I Reyes vegan for about a month and I love it!! Now I'm trying raw till 4 and I feel amazing!!! And I've only done that for 2 weeks!!!! You really inspired me to do this and I'm so happy that this lifestyle was introduced to me!!! Thank youuuuuu!!!!!!!!!!!????

  5. Today is my 1st day of raw till 4 for the past one month have been raw vegan feeling gooood but missing the cooked food planning to make the Veggie soup cant wait plus its winter where i am at sooo soup is just a perfect meal. love all your vids the way you explain. keep doing what you are doing and hey haters and gonna hate.

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