Custard Fruit Salad with milk Video Recipe by Bhavna (Indian dessert)


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  1. Thanks so much for the video. Mango fruit salad is my favorite dessert when I go to an Indian buffet. I've seen the mango custard powder at some Indian grocery store before but didn't know how to make this. Now I do thanks to you. And I don't like it too thick either. Also, your accent is easy to understand. I've met several Indians and their accents vary. Some can be harder to understand than others. Cheers.

  2. You made….great… But not worth of making a video and sharing it. The fruit salad with custard we get in India is never so thin, so your justification is not satisfactory 🙂 plus if you want to keep the consistency liquidy then you might as well add plain milk or sweetened milk. What is the point of using custard powder , if you were not making custard,thats funny ! 😀
    @maninderjit singh – u r right !
    P.S You dont need to speak in a fake accent 😀

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