Custard Filled Sfogliatelle Recipe – How to Cook Real Italian Food from my Italian Kitchen


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  1. Nice. A quick and simple method to make something similar to Sfogliatelle. Did you make the puffed pastry dough or is it store bought. If you made it can you post the recipe? Is it pastry dough or puffed pastry dough? Doesn't seem to puff up. Regardless, rather than spend the day making the true Sfogliatelle this seems great. Hope my Italian cooking friends agree.

  2. no offence to you but the layers of pastry when it's baked in your video is completely wrong. it's meant to be very thin fine layers and the entire pastry should hold the shape similar to a plump lobster tail. you are meant to roll out the final pastry mix much thinner than you have done and your filling is way too runny

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