Curry Ramen recipe – Japanese cooking – カレーラーメンの作り方レシピ


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  1. @Buffalo Chicken 
    I know a lot of time has passed, and you may have found out how to make Curry Roux already, but… You add butter to flour and spices over heat. The proportions vary, but I use 4 tbs of flour to about 2-3 tbs butter and 1 tbs of Curry powder, with random amounts of other spices like cinnamon and garam masala, ect.  

  2. Made this last night and it was amazing! I just didn't have any kelp to boil in the broth but it still turned out great. This is very cheap and easy to make. Definitely my new favorite.

  3. I've been searching Curry Ramen that is not so sticky and found your video showed an alternative way to mix them together. You have such as good combination like kombu, garlic and curry powder. Can't wait to try and sure I will enjoy it 😀

  4. i bet that took no time at all, and it looked delicious and healthy. why do they say that you should not it ramen everyday and that it is not healthy? i know everything that went into this one. it seems healthy to me.

  5. Could you please make yaki curry that I saw from oogui? (Japanese eating contest show) I really want to cook the curry, but can't find a right recipe. 🙁 Even my japanse friend told me it's kind of fancy to make it.

  6. Why on earth is egg dropping so popular in ramen dishes? I've tried it before and I don't like the texture of eggs in soup, I find it kind of undesired.
    But thanks for the video. I found this one most helpful.

  7. Oh nice video! I have all the ingredients but have never made it like this. I am going to do this. I have a lot of spaghetti squash, so I am going to use the squash instead of noodles for my first try. Sounds so good!

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