Curry OKONOMIYAKI recipe (Japanese pancake)


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  1. I know that feels when there's this urge to eat any savory snacks/meals with steamed white rice… XD

    Btw. This is really good recipe. I love curry. And I can easily modifies it with any ingredients I have in my fridge.

  2. Hey runny! Thanks a lot for this Video and recepe 😉 It is very different from the way you did it in an older video. This way here is much easier! >^.^< Greetings from Germany!

  3. I tried this for dinner tonight. Even though I did not add chips and replaced the ginger (which I did not have) for green bell pepper, and after the sauce I used some nori to garnish, it was super delicious. I think I have put a lot of cabbage but that's ok as it is a green vegetable. Thanks for this recipe, I will be making it frequently in the future! (also tried the sauce from the other video and it was lovely with this!)

  4. 。🌹🌹🌹.・
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        しーJ Happy
    Taro !

  5. The curry okonomiyaki looks super delicious!

    Oohh gaki no tsukai!
    Funny videos and images from that show always circulates around the internet. I think the comedians on the show are very funny.

  6. Okonomiyaki, one of the delicious from-simple-to-complicated-is-your-choice Japanese meals I love. Thanks for the idea I know what I'll eat tomorrow (need to buy ingredients 😉 ). — Monty python world : since dashi can be made with konbu and katsuobushi I thought about  : why not using a hot water tank (65° C ) to make many liters of it 😀

  7. Thank you for another great recipe. I've been wanting to try the Okonomiyaki for some time now. So far I have seen 2 types: the one you made and the Hiroshima style. Both look delicious and I will definitely be making them.

  8. could you please give us the recipe for okonomiyaki where you mixed potato chips and cabbage into the batter. It was a very easy recipe with only a few ingredients that you cooked in your kitchen. My sons loved it and we cant find it on your channel.You cooked it in a kitchen it was the first time we ever had this dish. We have tried many of your dishes but that one was our favorite.

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