Cucumber Sushi Roll Recipe – Japanese Food Recipe


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  1. I love all the different combinations that can be made- and I especially love to show off my creations to my family and friends. Thank you for the videos! 🍣💕

  2. Well done! You Definately made a mistake with putting too much soy sauce lol but atleast u know better now. mistakes happen. Looks wonderful anyway! Thanks for your time in teaching us man

  3. The two ends "throw away" REALLY? what a waste! Get a decent plate or board, put all the pieces on it, stick on some daikon, wasabi and ginger and hands off that Soy Sauce bottle. Shesh! Great vid otherwise, Thanx…

  4. this guy very slow…but if u do don't need to freakin dip ur knife in water…the cucumber is already super wet…u just need a very sharp knife to do it easier but he teaches wrong and i do this in like 15 secs

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