Cuban Pork Recipe | Mojo Marinated Pulled Pork Recipe


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  1. Hey Lyle! Great video! Definetly your BEST he he – you certainly made some twists to give it your own spin. Glad it turned out great for you. Also great to see you out in the snow banging it out! Keep it up your videos are improving! Look forward to the next one!

  2. Lyle best production so far, the recipe was excellent, and I'm sure it tasted absolutely outstanding. I am a lover of Cuban food in general, my next adventure. Hopefully, is to visit Cuba. I will give you like for 2 reasons. One, the recipe was truly good, I'm not just blowing smoke. And 2nd, you have improved greatly on your filming. The content Cuban Mojo Pulled was well executed, and a great recipe. Now I'm going to critique a few things, 1st off, let's say you don't know how to cook or barbecue, Cuban pork and use search this on YouTube. In your search to find a number of videos on the subject, people have a very short attention span. If you see videos that are in the 3-5 minute range, as opposed to those above 8 minutes people are generally going to choose the short version! You are turning out a inordinate amount of videos, in years,these videos will be like money in the bank. My advice is to shorten your videos to less than 5 minutes, this is hard, but key for a high view count, if that's what you're aiming for. My next piece of advice is to work on focus and framing. I am not perfect, I film all my work myself. Your 1st scene is out of focus and the lighting is poor, at 3:17 your framing is off. At 8:17 you are in the same position as your opening scene and your focus is the best I've seen on your channel, so it's not your equipment. At 9:42 a close shot is in focus and executed correctly. I like the idea of using other videos for inspiration for your recipes. I don't know what you're motivation is to do these videos, but my assumption is view count. Don't choose a subject that has in general few views. Research the recipe on YouTube and see how many recipes have high view counts. Choose these as subject material and you will get better results. This video has the potential to do very well, because Cuban pork is awesome, and could lead to another video the Cubano sandwich. I'm not saying you can't throw in a few videos with low view counts that others have made, this is your channel, and you may want to showcase one of your specialties. My I ask what part of the country do you live in, I see snow on the ground. Please don't take my corrective criticism in the wrong way, I wish more people had taken the time to help me when I was starting my channel. I have had to remove many videos because they were too long, out of focus, and poorly edited. These videos would be making me huge amounts of views. If done correctly. At any rate, I will close by saying you are getting better, and in time with hard work you will build a awesome channel and following. This will take time, and you cannot give up, many do, but in 3 years, you could be well on your way because things grow exponentially over time.I myself have a long ways to go, editing, framing, focus still are not perfect. I strive to produce a well executed perfect product every time. I hope within a year. I will be producing fantastic content and professionally edited work.

  3. lol.. I'm lucky I was able to make a video. I didn't have ideal conditions. Snow.. Sleep..preparing other food for a party..i am loving the camera.. I'll love it more when I get the tripod.. Stay safe out there

  4. Lyle, great cook. Your flavor combinations sound delicious. Outright Theft…LMAOOOO! There is a dramatic video improvement, well done! What…No Money shot? 🙁

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