"Crying Tiger" Thai Grilled Steak w/ Spicy Dip เสือร้องไห้ – Hot Thai Kitchen


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  1. I have made almost all of your recipes and haven't found one I didn't like. Absolutely delicious food, and your videos are informative, educational, and very well put together. Your also very pretty which helps lol (I have another vietnamese channel I watch and it's like pouring water on hot grease) 🤣 but the recipe's are sensational. Keep up the great work. Looking forward to many more great videos and meals! Oh, one request is spicy basil chicken, and a thai style egg drop soup. A thai restaurant has it here but they won't tell me what's in it.

  2. The real story behind the name is that the part of the meat used is the brisket. On the brisket the fat is very tough and difficult for the tiger to bite through so it cries because it has a hard time eating this part of the cow. The steak cannot be any old part of the cow. It must be the brisket including the fat

  3. "…pinkness of the steak." Say that one more time. This is better than the two time's I've purchase this for $20.00 bucks a piece at a Thai restaurant which loaded with fat.

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