Crying Tiger Beef – Marion's Kitchen


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  1. Despite my loathing of cilantro I had to try this in a restaurant. Confirmed I will have to make this at home but damn, the cilantro got me. I will use other herbs in the dipping sauce. Otherwise what a great way to cook a steak.

  2. Ms. Marion, I just prepared this for my 93 year old mother. We all loved it. I couldn't believe those simple ingredients could pack so much flavor. Thank you for another great recipe.

  3. This seems so good. I haven't tried Thai food but I like spicy thing and lemony things, so I think I would like it…. The only thing is I don't like fish and seafood flavors, so I don't think I would like fish or oyster sauce. What do you guys think?

  4. I really like that dip. Someone left a half bottle of that in our fridge and I’ve been using it as a dipping sauce for meat. It’s really good. I dunno where to buy it here but maybe I can try making it. Just have to find tamarind paste here.

  5. I personally wouldnt fry the beef, I'd place it under a red hot grill or broiler depending on where your from. I'm from the uk and we call it a grill. Cooking it that way is closer to cooking it like you would if it's a bbq then in a pan, plus the chared bits you'll get will be outta this world

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