Crusted Prime Rib Roast of Beef Recipe – Temperature and Cooking Times for all Sizes


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  1. I bought a 7 pound roast on sale as well. I cut it in thirds as there are just 2 of us. So I'm guessing each piece a little over 2 lbs. STILL cook at 500 for 30 minutes for med. rare? I'm so scared to over cook it.

  2. lol yours looks more like rare . I'd leave a piece of meat that size to rest longer that 5 minutes.
    Didn't like the the video either , very cheesy over the top and fake. but good effort

  3. when you bake in this way , how will the taste of the seasoning reach the inner part ? I did read the comment above in which you said to bake at 250 degrees and i totally get it .
    But the taste of the seasoning reaching the inner part 😓😓😓
    Also please suggest alternate ingredients as we wont get all the stuff you mention here (I am speaking this for a variety of recipes that i have been watching and trying )
    I hope you will reply.

  4. Hey There – Great Vid! I have a question regarding the initial roasting at 500 degrees and then cooking the roast at 200 degrees. I've read that you should first cook the roast at 2oo degrees and then sear at 500 degrees during the last 30 minutes. This is supposed to reduce the cooking that occurs near the outer layer of the roast. Can you please share your thoughts on which method to use to cook a 9 lb roast? Thank you.

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