Crunchy Korean Fried Chicken Recipe | KFC Recipe | Dakgangjeong


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  1. l tried your recipe and somebody else"s recipe but both the chicken wings didn't get crispy at all and all the starch powder fell to the bottom. what am l doing wrong? it tasted good but it was kinda soggy. thank you and please let me know how to improve it

  2. You are such an amazing cook, your recipes are outstanding and you explain everything so clearly. And you are very sweet to boot. It's a pleasure watching you. I have been watching and copying all your recipes to use them. Thank you so much for doing this. Keep it up, and ignore the nasty people. Some people just love to hate! You're precious.

  3. Hey, just wanted you to know how much you and your expertise mean to me and my family. We have tried some of your recipes and they were all excellent. I love the fact that we get two different types of recipes, Korean and great Mexican food. Thank you so much, may God bless you and yours. Love you Nana Pam

  4. Thank you for this recipe, it is easy to follow, nothing too fancy and cooks easily. And you are absolutely right on the double frying of the chicken! It is much better if you are looking for that fantastic crunchy texture. 😀 An absolutely delightful meal to me!

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