Crunchy Korean fried chicken recipe (Dakgangjeong: 닭강정)


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  1. I have watched this video earlier but only today i tried it. Oh Wow it is really crispy and so delicious!! ?? Very simple yet a tasty recipe! O' Maangchi, you are a real inspiration!!??

  2. hallo. am from kenya. first saw this recipe yesterday. am watching it again today. guess what, i have a date with dakgangjeong wings this friday evening.

  3. I can't wait to try your double fry secret. I also really enjoyed your traditional kimchi recipe. Maangchi, keep doing what you're doing… Your videos are fun to watch and your recipes are super good and easy to follow. My wife and I like you a lot! We subscribed. ☺️ ?

  4. 안녕하세요 영상 잘보고있습니다!
    제가 사는곳에 감자전분을 구하기 힘든데 그냥 일반 밀가루를 써도 되나요? 그리고 포도씨유 말고 일반 식용유를 써도 되는지 궁금합니다.

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