Croque monsieur – French recipe


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  1. The question is how to make béchamel .
    I give you a french café recipe .( no time to cook béchamel)
    Mix shreaded gruyere cheese with milk  in a bowl add  peper , salt , nutmeg (be carefull it's very strong) wait for 10 minutes
    Toast gently your bread on both side .
    Apply fresh cream inside ( (don't be shy ), cover with your mixture add ham , cover with another bread slice. One more time cream and  mixture .
    In your oven
    Bon appetit

  2. In France everyone loves it. My mom used to make plenty of theses for me and my dad when i was a kid, so good.
    Every french family got his own twist for this recipe, you can use any cheese you want, but for the meat use thin slices of ham, its better. :p
    My mom recipe is simple : spread a little butter on each slice of bread, take your cheese put it on one side, your ham on the other side.
    ( and try gruyere too. you can shred it and put it on the top so it melt in the oven, anyway, do it the way you want, but try the original way with ham, butter and gruyere its almost unbeatable, even not cooked )
    In the oven, its done when the bread is golden brown.

  3. im from france and that isnt a qroque monsieur!!! a qroque mosieur is made of one slice of bread then chease (any cind u want) then ham and then cheese then another slice of bread. that is a qroque monsieur!!!

  4. bullshit. I'm french and I'd never eat it that way. we don't use bechamel sauce. and we don't grill them. we pan fry them. for a real receipe feel free to MP me or smth

  5. Thank you so much for all your time to make lots of video and have the translation in English. Yesterday I made cream brulee, they was so delicious. I like to watch your channel every day and learn to try to cook from your channel. I would like to thank you and the team . This is the best channel, and Thank you for replying my question shortly.
    I look forward to see more recipe from you.

  6. @Shafaetislam We have the onion soup Hr5FtQust0M, which I think is fine, or the base recipe for crepes KUiy4MBD_mA, which can be stuffed as you like, or many desserts… maybe it's better if you go on our channel and choose among all our recipes, since I'm not so sure about what is halal or not

  7. @Kathyle207 Gruyere cheese is a hard yellow cheese typical of Switzerland and France. If you find it, you can substitute with Emmentaler, otherwise use Parmesan cheese… mozzarella doesn't work because it's too watery

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