CROQUE MADAME Muffin / French Breakfast or Brunch Recipe


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  1. Yum — I'll have to screw around with trying to make a veggie version (sacrilege, but that's me). If there is a lot of egg white, does it matter which part of the white one uses? I don't go through eggs fast enough, and the whites get watery. The answer may be "only eat very fresh eggs", but should I try to use just the thickest part of the white?

  2. it took me over a two months to look at this recipe. I need to get the mindframe that the French know how to make breakfast, my least favorite meal, taste great. I will try to improve my attitude. 

  3. You are a really great chef. I absolutely love your videos. The authentic recipes you do are amazing, thank God for you sharing your knowledge and experience with us. I am a culinary student I'm studying online Escoffier Int. I am a huge fan of Marco Pierre White, The Roax family chefs. I tried one of your recipes today the Mexican Chicken people ate it up. I can't wait to try this one. I love to learn French cooking. Thanks for sharing you are the best teacher online!

  4. This was such a delicious recipe!  Relatively simple too.  I made it 3 days in a row before deciding I should take a break due to all the butter.  It's nice having a new 'fancy' option for breakfast.  Thanks again Chef.

  5. This seemed so easy, I made it immediatey after you posted it as a lunch yesterday. I did use some cheese and went for the 16 minute version. It was crunchy on the outside and creamy on the inside, just as it should be. I also made one with spicy pastrami which also turned out nice.

  6. Love this! Will definately try it next time I have some gammon ham in the house. I saw something similar recently where people were using thin sliced deli ham to line a muffin tin then an egg cracked into the shell and topped with cheese. Your recipe is a step up in sophistication and no doubt far tastier. Thanks for adding to my long list of recipes I need to try 🙂

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