Crispy Spring Rolls Recipe เปาะเปี๊ยะทอด – Hot Thai Kitchen


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  1. I cook this as a dish and not a spring roll filling. Love it because I eat a lot of vegetables. I stir fry the veggies without the glass noodle and when the liquid comes out of the veggies I add in the glass noodle to soak up the liquid. So no sticking problem there! 👍

  2. Great recipe. I'm gonna try it today. But jeez don't you hate it when they call them "egg rolls"? Where are the eggs? Other than for the sealing the rolls have absolutely no eggs.

  3. I love it when you say that Japanese Word Umami (linamnam or Lasa in Tagalog) it became naturally like an English word….and I don’t know if ur viewers didn’t ask what’s umami…😋👍

  4. Hello Pai. I did this recipe for dinner and the results is just perfect. This is kind of recipe that I would like to serve for my future food truck. It's delicious, simple and affordable . Thanks for sharing us this recipe. Bernie

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