Crispy Oven Baked Fries Recipe – Cajun Seasoned


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  1. You know deep down in your heart that these aren't as good. If you want to step up that "certain fast food place" 's fries, boil your fries first, let them sit on a rack to dry and drain. Fry them twice, 140 and 180c. Thank me later.

  2. Hi. I have noticed the oven fries seem to have a Burn rate. Unlike fries which are fried in oil. How does on maintain the crispy crunch outside (soft inside) without it burning in the oven. . Thanks

  3. you know another great way to make this is the way that my grandma taught me what you do is after you wash and cut the potatoes and run them on the hot water you leave them in the pot for 30 minutes and then dry them like you did but why you do that you should preheat your oven to however hot you needed to be for your recipe usually – 4:25 and then you put your bowl of dry potatoes into the microwave for 3 minutes to cook them soft but not fully malleable or cooks even halfway through and then you going to put your unsalted on oil pan into the oven by itself so when you take it out hot then brush the oil on like you used your technique and then place the potatoes on that do not sell them yet where anything because that'll take all the moisture out and that's how I did it thank you for sharing the recipe I was totally try it

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