Crispy Honey Chilly Potatoes | Easy To Make Starter/Appetizer Recipe | Restaurant style


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  1. Recipe is seriously amazing..😇 thankuu soo much.. I am a fan of many of your recipes..
    But i have an issue.. Actually measurements are not given in ur recipe.. So its little difficult especially for ppl like me who cook once in a blue moon.. 🙈
    In all other aspects u r great 👍

  2. Thankyou for sharing all the recipes with the useful tips and tricks…all your recipes are awesome…please do share the recipe of making chocolates without using compounds…

  3. thnx a lott 4ur recipe…it turned out sooo good..everybody liked it..I followed all the steps n it was yumm.but few potato strips turned soggy n few wr crispy…but the taste was superb.

  4. I followed the instructions word by word and It actually turned out to be even better than what we get in restaurants. thanks bharat !

    Ps: Btw im a terrible cook, so if i can get it right (in the first shot) -anyone can ! Go ahead and give it a try, you wont be disappointed 🙂

  5. Hey Bharat .. You have given the secret of all time… Have been wondering how they prepared when i used to have chilli patato.. I have tried multiple tricks so many times.. failed eveytime.. but this one made my dream come true for the perfect crispy chilli potato.. This can go with gobi 65 as well.. Thanks for sharing the awesome video.

  6. ur recipes r wonderful,like them ,thanks!
    but ur narration, start losing interest in continuing to watch the recipe ;pls talk normal and demonstrate the recipe.
    but am a fan of ur recipes,though

  7. Hey bharat.. i tried this recipe today. Potatoes were crispy from outside but they were soggy from inside and it didnt taste so well. I am wondering what could have gone wrong. I followed ur recipe as described.

  8. bharat bhai I'm in 8 class and I like to cook and watching your videos I have made lots of food like mc aloo burger , chilli potato etc and my family teachers and friends really like it….
    thanks for helping

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