Crêpes Recipe Demonstration –


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  1. in bosnia, serbia and croatia those are pancakes. we don't usually make thick pancakes and i dont like them. we make these, put Nutella all over the pancake and then rolle it up.

  2. My French "Original" – Recipe: ( comming from Belgium , by a French Family ) – 80 grms of flour, a glass of milk, a glass of water, 40 grms of sugar, 3 tbs of oil, and 2 eggs … oil the pan for the first try, then for the rest no more oil!

  3. You're better off with Organic Almond, Organic Rice, or Organic Soy milk… Of course you ONLY want to use Unbleached Wheat
    flour or Organic Wheat…. NO NEED for Eggs or Butter… you can use 1-2 tbs. of organic ground Golden Flax in 4 Tbs. of purified
    water… Instead of butter > you can use Organic Earth Balance VEGAN margarine (unheated oils)….

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