Crêpes – French Pancakes Recipe – CookingWithAlia – Episode 298


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  1. the recipe is wrong and the amount of ingredients doesn't fit!!! not good made!! i'm really sad, just wanted a few good french reps but than everything went wrong with this texture!!!!!

  2. ive just made and eaten the tacos "your tacos"  ! and im going to make some crepe ! i cant get enough of your recipes Alia !!! you're the best baby! i love you and i love Mia :3 .. ! 

  3. This is my favorite crepe recipe that I got from you few years ago. Are you posting it again? I gave this recipe to my family and they say this is the easiest crepe recipe ever. The best!

  4. I love crepes, I remember making them with my nan when I was a little girl. For the savoury ones, it's a different recipe. Look for "galette Bretonne", it's made with buckwheat flour. You can add cheese, ham, egg, mushrooms…..

  5. The best Crêpe i have Ever had: a nice warm day at the end of Summer in sanary Sur mer near to the marina. A School Trip to france in 2002 i think. I had banana merenque with caramell Sauce. Aaaaaw so Good! The perfekt afternoon with two of my best best friends

  6. I never heated up the milk and butter for my crepes. Have to give it a try… Wasn't sure what to prepare me kids for afternoon snack… Now I know! We out of Nutella but have maple syrup instead :))) Thank you Alia!

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