Creme Caramel (Caramel Custard) Recipe


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  1. Semelhante ao Pudim brasileiro, o nosso é mais prático: leite condensado​, a mesma medida de leite e três ovos inteiros, o nosso não precisa fazer pré cozimento para ir ao forno.

  2. I love your videos, Titli! You make it look so easy. It just happens that I have all the ingredients for this recipe already, so I can't wait to make it sometime this week. Question: What is it that you say at the end of your videos (it sounds like gute habbens)?

  3. Here in the Philioppines the custard is steamed. It's called leche flan. Other recipes sometimes ask to add only the egg yolks, some beat the whites to meringue then add it to the custard! both versions are delicious!!!!!!!! specially the baked ones!

  4. I could not find any ramekins so i found custard cups so i hope that works, they are in the oven, i have to wait about 45 more minutes, thank you Titli, also we added half caster sugar and half brown sugar for the caramel, I hope it turns out alright, and we added a dash of cinnamon to the custard, it already smells heavenly :3

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