Crème Brûlée Recipe


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  1. C'est du sucre de canne roux "cassonade" qu'il faut mettre dessus pas du sucre blanc, parce ce qu'il caramélise plus vite et donc on chauffe moins la crème car le but est d'avoir une crème froide et un caramel cassant tiède dessus, après chacun fait comme il veut.

  2. OMG! I love you! It's 3 minutes and way far better than reading the recipes! Thank you so much. I'm doing it now as I just bought the set of torch and ramekins!

    Great choice of the music! You took me back to Europe when I lived for a year in Italy.

    Thanks again. . . .

  3. Hi, it'd be really great if someone replies to this, I've to make creme brule and then take it to work which is approximately 35-45 mins away from my home. So will the custard melt while I travel? Hellpppp!!!

  4. That intro got me so hungry that I went and followed the way u made it, btw I’m ten and now that crème brûlée is in the refrigerator cooling

  5. Can I use this recipe in a steamer instead of an oven? If so for how long? Also can I use HEAVY whipping cream or will that make a difference?

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