Creamy Zucchini Soup | Easy Soup Recipes


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  1. You are SO HEALTHY! I think that is incredible! I would love and want to eat more like you, and feel Great! You are so inspiring. Cant wait for more recipes. Thank you so much for sharing, these are Great recipe ideas ❤

  2. Great recipe but the garlic and onion came out too strong. I was planning to take this to work, which I will, but I'm also packing breath mints. Next time I well try one garlic and a small onion.😃

  3. don't worry girl, you're not alone, soup is life, great way to eat lots and vegetables all year!! this recipe is so quick and using ingredients that people usually have at home. As if that wasn't enough, it's so easy! thanks, GREAT job, added it already to my repertoire :)

  4. Wowee. Thank you so much Olga. It's so nice to make something when people say "delicious" it truly is 🙂 I struggle as I am allergic to every spice and black pepper, as well as some nuts. Although I disagree with the diary/meat industry I often eat it as I use cream/cheese for flavour, so thank you for making something simple and easy with very few ingredients and its so cheap to make! xx

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