Creamy Tomato Soup | Homemade Tomato Soup | Easy & Healthy Recipe


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  1. I usually just pop in the oven about 8 toommators in half’s and whole clove garlic and just let it get browned than grill onions celery and carrots all in one than add chicken broth this was a quicker way to making it if ur in a rush to eating with grilled cheese 😇😇 but I like my way as well and if u add a bit of fresh basil it tastes 10x better try it n let me know I’ll try yours thanks for a quicker faster tomotatto soup 🤯

  2. Looks delicious. Can you use cherry tomatoes? I do not have regular tomatoes. Also I do not have a food blender is their any other way to blend the food? Thanks for the video looks yummy

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