Creamy Mushroom Soup Recipe


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  1. I made this today and it was delicious! Last time I made a creamy mushroom soup I used butter and flour and it was way too rich. Your recipe with the olive oil is honestly better! It was light but just creamy enough and the flavors blended really well and the creamy part wasn't too rich or overpowering. Best mushroom soup I've made yet and I love mushrooms and mushroom soup.

  2. Why does it matter if they get soggy if they're going to end up in soup anyway? Otherwise I'd agree. Used to work in a restaurant and one of the guys there could go through many kgs of mushrooms in record time wiping them down with a cloth – takes a lot of practice to get that fast though!

  3. What a fabulous mushroom soup. Wow that looks really delicious. I find that shiitake mushrooms are a little too strong though for me, although they have fantastic flavour and you're right about them amping the flour up. Thanks Dani. Xx

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