Creamy Mushroom Soup Recipe


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  1. If its creamy it should taste pale or if you guys gonna make it full of spices and spicy with chillis its should look and taste watery with some tomatoes and celery.

  2. @ShowMeTheCurry Great thanks! And if you ladies decide to make more with the 'Adding a pinch of Spice to your life!' slogan, you have to know that i would be the first in line to get one also!! (hint, hint)

  3. @mariacuto : We sometimes buy a lot of lemons (on sale) and squeeze them and them in ice cubes if we know we will not be using it all right away. We put it in the bottle as we were on a cooking frenzy at that time – hence just easier.

  4. @crownlesskingofpain : Cilantro has a very mild flavor – either you will need to use a LOT or use some additional ingredient to help flavor the soup. Having said that we have never tried it personally and you never know, you might be onto something 🙂

  5. @mariacuto : We have a recipe and a video for Vegetable stock on our website. You can use assorted vegetables, like we mention in the video, Brussels sprouts, broccoli and you can use carrots and potatoes as well. Cabbage, I am not too sure of though…never tried it.

  6. I would garnish it with a few very thin pieces of Mushroom. Maybe grilled(with pepper and salt).

    I will def. try that after my mothers mushroomsoup is something that really stands and falls with personal taste.

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