Cream of Green Garlic & Potato Soup Recipe – Cream of Potato Soup with Garlic


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  1. Guys, Green garlic is young garlic which is harvested before the cloves have begun to mature. The resulting vegetable resembles a scallion, with a deep green stalk and a pale white bulb. It can often be found for sale at a farmers' market in the spring, and can also be grown at home relatively easily.

  2. Hi I love your recipes can you please make a broccoli soup one without chicken broth most of the ones I found contained chicken broth and I wanted a healthier version without it. Thank you!!

  3. Just made this! I used veggie bacon instead but the consistency is a bit thicker so it was hard to copy the bacon flavor. I also used half the stock since I didn't have all of it. Added some garlic cause I love garlic. It was very tasty! 

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