Country Fried Chicken Recipe..Ahhh..Memories!!!


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  1. omg this recipe is perfect n so simple to make, I will definitely try it! u are so awesome girl I absolutely love ur personality! u are so much fun!!!!! and will recommend ur chanel to all my friends for sure!!!

  2. Can you teach us how to make that Nashville Hot Chicken thats popular in several restaurant's in Nashville? Ive made a few of your recipes and they were delicious.

  3. Buttermilk fried chicken, we are soul mates.  Out of dumb luck I came up with a similar preparation before Al Gore invented the internet, sic.  Love your channel, great cooking without a bunch of unnecessary steps.  Keep up the good work and loving your Southern cooking.  Do not rinse my bird after a marinade.  I also include about all the spices in the marinade and let them soak through the chicken for hours or most often over night.  At that point the bird is seasoned to the bone, no need to sprinkle.  That said, there are a thousand ways to fry up some fine chicken and you demonstrate a great one.

  4. Yeassss hunnie, I didn't even make them yet but just by the looks I kNOW they're bomb ! After looking a few recipies online I asked myself " what am I really doing? Let me hit up dovas can cook & stop wasting time " & boom , I got exactly what I was searching for , great ingredients choices & simple tutorial 😜 Ya girl is about to chef it up okayyyy 😄

  5. When I say eat like our ancestors, I mean just eat real food, and not the processed stuff in a box. Soy was a waste product, soy oil was used to grease airplane engines but once had a great idea to sell it to the public as a food. The USA produce so much GMO corn it don't no what to do. They use toxic chemicals to extract oil from corn. They put high fructose corn syrup in everything. Fluoride was a waste product in big factories and they had to pay waste management companies to dispose of it. Now they sell it to govts to dump in public water supplies. I can go on and on…chemical companies got rich during the world wars and now those same companies control the USA food manufacturing.

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