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  1. Ishitha and Shrinika’s matching outfits are so cute Sahaja. Totally in love with cuties. Next time I would love to try Eggplant Parmesan. I would like to try the sandwich as well. That looks so 😋. I love your black pendant. Plz share the link for that. Keep going Sahaja. You have so much patience and so many good things to share.

  2. Hi akka
    From bangalore
    I am in final year of engg in CS .
    I am willing to do in Masters in us but I want to know which is the best University and which exam should I write(Gre/ielts)

  3. Sahaja garu small suggestion do more of sit and talk kind of videos on topics which could bring lot of audience to your channel apart from daily vlogs and with clear thumbnails like 1 or 2images with title rather than collage of images.kindly consider my suggestion cause I want the positivity of your channel to reach a larger audience.

  4. Shrinika soooooooooper cutie pi….and Could u pls tell the name of that app andi I can only see on the top texted Library my daughter is now first class requesting u to pls explain briefly..

  5. Hi madhuri garu.. thanks for this vlog andi.. I got to know 2 things from the vlog.. first one is about the Khan kids app since I too have 2 small daughters and 2nd one is about biotin supplements also thanks for the yummy receipe.. keep doing more videos.. more power to you 🥰🥰

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