Corn Lollipop – Easy and Quick Vegetarian Starter / Appetizer Recipe By Ruchi Bharani [HD]


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  1. Hi can u please tell me or suggest me what shall I do my cousin doesn't eat corn whenever I give her she doesn't want and doctors said she needs healthy diet but can u tell me what shall I make with is healthy and yummy at the same time

  2. noticed that u always say "lets get our hands dirty " … the statement is not applicable for food … food is not dirty so mayb you cn just chnge that statement..
    and I love ur recipes ruchi😊

  3. Thanks Ruchi Mam sharing such mouth tempting recipes.I made masala pav and corn lollipop in my kitty party everyone loved it. My party was a hit. I eargerly wait for your new recipes.Thanks once again.Lovvvveeeeee u a lottttttt.

  4. Tried this recipe … turned out to be very well. Every one at home enjoyed it. Instead of Ice cream sticks (since I didn't had one)  I used bread sticks..  Was awesome.

  5. Hi Ruchi, i tried this recipe and it turned out to be really very good, all the guests loved them. Thank you so much for sharing your recipe with us :). Looking forward for more

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