Copycat Panera Chicken and Wild Rice Soup Recipe


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  1. Decided to try the Panera Chicken & Rice soup recently then looked online to see if there was a copycat recipe. Glad that there was and is pretty simple to make as well. I used half-and-half and Rice A Roni chicken flavored rice. Soup got thick fairly fast once all together and prep time aside, it took an hour, maybe less on the stove. Thought it was pretty good.

  2. My mums famous soup that she makes every year , have no idea what it's called , but we always make it once a year because it dies take a lot of time . But it's amazing

  3. Favorite fall recipe? Chicken and dumplings. Like the straight old fashioned only chicken and dumplings with none of the healthy veggies, chicken and dumplings goodness. I used to sit in my grandmothers kitchen and roll out dumplings all morning while she had huge pots of chicken broth simmering, then while it was cooking we'd go pick the last of the blackberries for cobbler and make dessert. I'm feeling really southern right now lol

  4. HEY ERIN, Adam loves this so much, and he loves corn… you could double the recipe and to half of it; add some spices like cumin & oregano (or taco seasoning), a can of those diced fire roasted rotel tomatoes, a can of corn and serve it with cubed avocado and tortilla chips to turn “leftovers” into a whole new recipe: Mexican Chicken & Rice Soup! 🍗🍚🌶🌽🍅🥑🌮🍲

  5. I love having beef stew..and it's so easy to make. You could literally just throw in beef, carrots, onions, potatoes, beef stock, tomato paste, and seasonings in a slow cooker. Done.

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