Cooking Easy French Food – Croque Monsieur Recipe


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  1. the best food, breads, and bakery in the world is from Middle East, the Europeans have nothing, they don't even know what real food looks and taste like, they have nothings

  2. WHATEVER happened to the thin, crisp crepe, made on a dome pan, stuffed with gruyere cheese and a thin slice of ham, served piping hot… in a student packed busy bistro in the Left Quarter, decades ago in my student days?

  3. I do these all the time at home, my wife cant eat them because of the butter. So more for me. Great thing is, you can experiment with the meat and cheese used to suit what you have a taste for. I often do this with turkey, bacon and swiss.

  4. I made this a while back and still can't forget how delicious this was! it was my first time making it, but your recipe was/is easy to follow. it came out great! thinking of making it again–can't stop watching this!

  5. I don't want to sound like a purist, but one of the variations that you mention does not exist for the croque-monsieur, namely adding Italian Parmesan to a béchamelle, or using a Mornay sauce at all instead of plain béchamelle: You are already topping the sandwich with grated cheese, no need to add more. I never saw mustard used either, it makes for a completely different taste, but I guess there is room in the world for a croque-moutarde…

    Usually, the toast is lightly buttered both ways, a thick slice of county ham is inserted, with a thin slice of gruyère above and below to make the ham stick to the bread without slipping after the cheese melts. The sandwich was originally grilled in the pan on both sides, but if you use the oven, you can skip the butter on the external sides. Originally it didn't even have béchamelle, it was more like an unpressed panini, but nowadays, the Béchamel sauce is a critical and welcome part of the recipe. However, if you really want to earn the "croque" part of the name, don't put the béchamelle directly on top of the bread, which will become a bit soggy and mushy and kill the crust/crack/crush/croque feeling. Instead, add a slice of gruyère on top of the toast to separate the bread from the sauce.

    Official variation: Make a small depression in the middle of the béchamelle layer, pour an egg in it and add the grated gruyère before broiling, and you have a "croque-madame." I recommend using a smaller egg than usual though, or maybe 2 small quail eggs.

  6. Little tip if you enjoyed it : add a fried egg on the top of the croque monsieur and… that's what we call a croque madame ! With salad and chips on the side that's delicious. Et bien sûr : bon appétit les amis ! 🙂

  7. Add pesto to the béchamel sauce. As for the ham get a nice quality smoked ham (Dietz & Watson) while using brioche bread. For the dijon make a dijon aioli (adding mayo, garlic, olive oil, and fresh lemon juice. Top the Croque Madame with an organic (cleanest flavor)

  8. Nice Work !!!!! I roll old school French Gangsta Style. Open Fane, Bricoche, A little tyme. A madame with the egg, or a provancal with a tomato. Yours looked so good, make me hungry. Sometimes, no ham, Turky, the Kentucky version from the Gault Hotel, a "Hot Brown. I will shut up now, so hungry, thanx

  9. Bechamel sauce – usually since I'm home alone.
    1 tablespoonful of butter , 1 tablespoonful of flour.
    1/2 cup of milk , cayenne powder , salt , pepper and voila. 😛

    I love your recipes. Really learn alot.

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