Cookie Recipes – How to Make French Macarons


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  1. hi, I made macarons like 10 times already and having the same problems every time. they have no feet, crack shells and hollow inside.. I've tried different recipes but I always failed. would you suggest any tips?

  2. hi, when beating the egg whites, then add castor sugar or powdered sugar? and I don't need cream of tartar in this recipe? do I need to tap the tray to remove air bubbles?

  3. When it comes to mixing the the almond mixture with the egg whites, how would you know if it's not over mixed or under mixed? Also how can you make sure that the macaroons won't come out hollow? Thanks

  4. i don't have a almond powder, is there any ingredients I could use,could I use regular nuts , 'cuz almond is too expensive to buy….can you give me some advice?..thank you…

  5. Hello. This recipe looks amazing and I'm going to try my hand on it, soon. But I have a question. Is there any substitute for egg whites? I prefer keeping my bakes entirely vegetarian. Thank you.

  6. Hi I'm making macaroons later and its my very first attempt. I would like to ask if I could use liquid coloring instead of gel? I do not have gel clouring. Thanks for your help :)

  7. Hi, Amelia B – Thanks for your question. Sorry to hear this recipe didn't work out for you. To answer your question, the egg whites are beaten until soft peaks form because the batter needs to spread out and form an even disk when it's piped onto the baking sheet. If the egg whites are too stiff, it won't do this. But if you found a recipe that worked for you, we're glad to hear this. Macarons are always a treat!

  8. OMG! Wow! You know I have never even gotten the chance to try one of those yummy delicious Macarons! But now I can! Hehe thanks a lot for sharing your recipe with all of us 🙂 <3

  9. Very very nice.. mixing the food colouring into the batter.. won't it get the batter overmixed coz the colour has to be distributed evenly!! & then also transferring the whole thing into the piping bag &then making it..
    Also the video's much better now then the previous tv. video's. 

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