Cook with Me | New Lunch Recipe & Easy Dinner


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  1. oh my word, Jen!..I just happened to listen to your video on giving up sugar and I want to give it a try as well. I also suffer extremely bad from spring allergies and just the other day I thought I would go out for a walk with my dog. My eyes watered so bad that I almost had to shut them and try to find my way home. It was was the worst my allergies have ever been!..I also have low blood sugar and I never thought that giving up sugar could help so I'm so giving this a,try…thanks so much Jen for all your healthy recipes also…

  2. Made the chicken fajitas and Pico de Gallo. My family LOVED them! Thank you for sharing your recipes 🙂 I've made some of your recipes & really like how healthy a lot of them are.

  3. You looks gorgeous with this outfit!! I will become a mummy in 2 months and i wish im going organised like you. You are a wonderful and inspiring person. Sadly Im in France then i never see you in reality…

  4. I made the fajitas tonight with homenade gaucamole and yellow rice. Big hit in this house. Making the quinoa tomorrow for dinner w greek seasoned steak. Thanks so much for sharing these delicious and easy meals!

  5. Hi Jen, I just made your Quinoa Salad. It' delicious! I added some fresh minced garlic to the warm quinoa for an added kick. Thanks so much for the recipe. This is going to be one of my staple meals. ~Hugs

  6. Hi Jen, Thank you for 2 more great recipies I have copied them and will defintely make them in the next few days. I would love it if you could write a book of 'Jen's Book of Home Management & Recipies' hopefully it would lead to your own cookery show! I for one would purchase it. God Bless and hope you all have a great weekend.

  7. The Pico our family loves already and it is in our dinner routines as I think I have told you before so I know the fajitas will be a hit as well – thank you so much!! Love the recipes!! My daughter was just talking about recipe ideas for lunch at work and she loves Feta cheese and all the Greek inspired recipes so she will be so happy!! Thank you, Jen!! Hope you have a fantastic weekend!!

  8. Love it! I love that your recipes/cooking is realistic AND you use fresh food! I have a question about the nonstick pans. What is your opinion on the safety of them esp when they over heat? Lots of stuff on the internet so it is hard to tell what is true!

  9. Thank you for this video and the recipes which I can hardly wait to try. I wanted to share something special with you. This morning I was struggling extra hard with my depression and after watching the video it was not so much of a struggle. I feel that God worked through you to bless me and to help me with my depression. Thank you. You truly are a blessing! I love your videos and you.

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