CONFIT LAMB BORDELAISE & Rustic Fondant Potatoes (Professional French Fusion Cuisine Recipe)


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  1. It looks like an incredible dish and it's definitely on my list now.
    There are so many things you make that make me feel like I finally found what I've been looking for.
    I've been cooking since I was 6 years old and have worked in restaurants but just as a helper to pay the bills while going to the uni.

    Throughout that time I have been in a constant search for the truth.
    I know… it sounds dramatic but that’s how I am with everything.
    I didn’t like working in restaurants at all. As you know very well yourself the ingredients and their condition are not what people think and there are many shortcuts as well.
    There are some things they do in restaurants I would never even dare to do at home so again… that is partly why I never became a chef despite the many opportunities I got.

    I remember one day the main chef tasted my tapenade (after teaching me how to make it only two days before) and sort of straighten up, walked towards me and said that it was the most balanced tapenade he ever tasted.
    Later on they wanted to invest in me but I declined.

    The truth is the business itself and what it takes to make a dish profitable and the level and condition of ingredients simply disgusted me.
    More so, I just genuinely feel that the conditions of kitchen work are not worth what you are paid.
    I’m sure it’s completely different for someone like yourself let alone a 3M star chef who is also a salesman.

    I had many migraines, cuts, burns… it’s just not worth it.
    I can barely feel the end of my thumb after cutting it in a mandolin to this day and that was ten years ago!

    The reality is that at home I control the level of ingredients, the time, etc.
    I’m actually not that interested in restaurant dishes, I mean, I am, because it’s an interest of mine but I’m far more interested in your classical recipes where you show how something should really be made.
    I couldn’t care less about presentation if I tried. It’s not that I dump everything on a plate like a caveman but plating is not what it’s about for me.

    The other thing is health (which is a stupid word which means the opposite of what normal people think because they assume the natural state is that of health, it isn’t, the natural state is that of survival which is a state of compensation, real health is something you have to manipulate your body to!) and sport which I do a lot of. Most of what I eat isn’t very tasty at all which is why when I cook for taste I put a lot of effort into it.

    I’ve studied many things, from nutrition, biology, programming, first two years of medicine. I’ve been a professional chess player for a while and have spent roughly seven years of my life travelling and living in a tent.

    Like I said, we can compete who had a crazier life!

    These days I’m trading stocks.
    That’s the primary thing for me. Sure, money is awesome but the conditions are far more important. I have no clue why the hell I’m telling you all of this!
    I guess I find it interesting that you chose it despite being able to do other things.

    Watching your videos makes me realise that I’m drawn to the science of sauces.
    Baking was never for me. It bores me to death.

  2. Two questions:
    1) Why not use all duck fat? Is it a question of cost because of the huge amount it will take? Can't you reuse it later on?
    2) I personally prefer the taste of goose fat, is there a reason duck fat is much more used?

  3. Hey Greg just to see if I understand some principles.

    If I'm braising for a long time the veggies should be super chunky like halved peeled onions, peeled carrot, halved and washed leek if I'm doing a beef shin or short ribs?

    Would a reduction sauce done in a wide skillet have better flavors than one done in a narrow sauce pan just due to the amount of time it would take it to reduce?

  4. Chef, what do you think about cooking the lamb sous vide, with less fat (only so much as is required for the sauce)? Would be less fuss, and less waste. I'm thinking 85 degrees for 12 hours.

  5. I really enjoy all these videos, but have a general question — it seems like all experts' videos show careful weighing of ingredients into their dishes, and then scraping it out with some wooden spoon that takes a long time and leaves 5-10% of the ingredient remaining in a messy bowl. Why aren't silicone or nylon scrapers used more often?

  6. so do you use entirely duck fat to cook the lamb? or do you use other fat or liquid? if you are cooking it with duck fat, what is the point of rubbing the lamb with duck fat first? Thank you!

  7. I love overcooked and tender lamb, I watched this video with great interest as I used to make at home confit lamb shanks. Confit is not only for duck or goose, the result is also delicious with pork (enchaud de porc) or even with sausages…thumbs up from France !

  8. Something I'm curious about:

    If the sauce is going to be slowly reduced to thickness, anyway, why do you need to make a roux? Is it to make sure everything stays together?

  9. about the oil… would you save the rest for another application, like you would have if you had used duck fat? … and is the reason you didn't use all duck fat is that the lamb flavor would have taken over the duck flavor in the fat, and it wouldn't be good for other things? .. or just because it's so very expensive 🙂

  10. I made this and it was great the lamb was super tender and the sauce is great. But I was b worried because I thought it smelled odd when I took it out of the brasing dish

  11. Finished and consumed this yesterday. It was VERY tender. I never used confit on lamb, but it's definitely worth it. It took me about 1,25 hours before I used ''the first half of the wine''. Is it normal that it takes this long. I didn't mind taking my time (drunk some of the wine while cooking out of loneliness), but I started to doubt after a while. I have some sauce left in the fridge. I hope this stays good for a while.

    Next I will try the lamb bhuna. This dish reminds me a bit to this curry.

    Your rabbit meals look great by the way. But I will be using pheasant in stead of rabbit, because my wife would hate me cooking rabbit while I have two of pet rabbit hopping around in the garden. LOL

    Will you be working on more video's? Not trying to rush you, but they inspire me a lot.

  12. This looks very professional. I can tell that you have put a lot of effort in this to make it very good. I will be defintely making this. One of the important things I have especially learned from you is to really take your time with cooking instead of rushing everything to eat within the next hour. You are a master in bringing up the flavours.

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