Coconut Milk BBQ Chicken Recipe ไก่กอและ | Thai Recipes


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  1. Hi

    I can’t find any of the coriander seeds and cumin seeds, can you tell me how many grams or oz are in each tsp you used so I have an equivalent amount. I did try to google it but the sauce I made had a very strong smell and taste of cumin and coriander. Thank you

  2. I liked the show very enjoyable very focused and u had my attention the entire time I guess ur too pretty and sweet lol… and the food looks amazing also … I definitely know what ur talking about when u said peanut oil… because I coat my beef skewers with peanut butters

  3. I just made these and they are AMAZING!! They are just packed with a ton of flavor!!!
    Edit: I had the chance to charcoal grill them and it really made a difference, absolutely great!
    Not gonna lie, it wasn’t the easiest to re-glaze on a live fire but the end product was so worth it 🤤

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