Coca-Cola Chicken recipe by the BBQ Pit Boys


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  1. i remember discovering you guys back in 2009. Learned how to make pulled pork through your videos. I'm making this recipe now! looks like its gonna be…"mmmmmmhmmmm…can you smell that?!"

  2. I just tried this recipe yesterday for some guests i had, and i had to make some more today my family and guests loved it and of course me too, when i was preparing it and after putting some vinegar on the sauce the aroma worried me a little bit, it was too strong but when i put the chicken on it it smelled good! i loved this recipe and its the first BBQ Pit Boys recipe i try so far, but be sure there are more to come, thank you for the hard work i really love to grill and with your help im taking my game to a whole new level i salute you from Mexico Gracias!

  3. I have to say you guys are amazing you prove to all of us that you have to be some fancy shmancy world class chef to cook damn good food I mean I gotten a hell of a lot of ideas from you thank you so much for good inspirations

  4. These videos are my now all-time favorites.  I am ashamed of myself for being on the internet for over 18 years and only finding these just now.  Every recipe, every tip, every grill suggestion and demonstration is amazing in all of their videos.  Easy and simple to follow.  And DELICIOUS. Underscore DELICIOUS x 10!!!  Sorry Webster Dictionary: The BBQ Pit Boys have re-defined your definition of Delicious – if you don't include the BBQ-Pit boys plans in your meals it is ok but cannot be as amazingly delicious and filling!  I can smell the smoky grilled taste all the way in Illinois every time I watch these videos.

  5. Thanks for seeing my little bitch , no mountain dew here, i know the first time i comment and its not in favor of coca, after all the times i have tried your recipes and everyone loved, i didn't say a cotton picking thing. Go's to show ya, any way , love to spend time grilling With a cold one or two i probably screwed it up any way. Good Luck Man, God Bless, Love your show keep going.

  6. Coca chicken sure let me down pit boys, you got a lot better cooking, but i tried because I trust your recipe's ,this time dont like nobody else did either, so you know, this ain't my first rodeo on grill. Others some where might like but not my kind of Bar/BQ but its the 1st time i was let down from you, you still rock!!!!

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