Clean & Delicious Pico De Gallo Salsa – Healthy Recipes


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  1. I really enjoy a refreshing salsa. Yours looks nice and chunky. I had made my homemade pico de gallo salsa the other night. It always goes down a treat. Feel free to pass by my cooking channel some time.

  2. Just 1/4 to 1/2 jalapeno? To each their own, but I always use at least two whole peppers. Serrano peppers are also good in pico; a little hotter than jalapenos, but smaller too.

  3. Thanks Dani, i'm so used to Doritos hot salsa from the jar, I want something more natural and healthier like this. Can't find cilantro here in Ireland, so I'm going to use coriander instead…cheers from Galway, Ireland

  4. Awh man i just found your videos and i must say i love em! im going to watch many of them because im new to cooking and because i also love eating and i want to make sure i say on the healthier side, thank you for the great videos! Im going to subscribe for sure

  5. Living in the very south part of Texas all my life pico de gallo is so common to eat and it is just so delicious! I have never had it with garlic though? That's an interesting ingredient but if you want it to taste even more delicious Dani cut an avocado in cubes and toss that right in and add a whole lime and I promise you the flavor is insane!!!:) 

  6. Hey there Just checked out that fish taco recipe and it looks super good! I'm here to see how to make this yummy salsa.
    Oh, btw do you have a cook book, if so where can I grab it??
    Thanks Dani U Rock!

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