Classic Italian Tiramisu Recipe


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  1. My Italian friend is coming to my house because she wants to cook a pasta meal for me so I'm going to make this for her as a surprise. I'm also going to make it two days before as i read it gets better on standing but I wont add the last layer of chocolate til I'm about to serve. I'm a bit nervous as she is Italian and I'm English but I'm going to try my hardest for her. Wish me luck x

  2. This was the original recipe back from the 70's, nowadays pasteurizing eggs is highly recommended. It's up to you if making a zabaione or a pate a bombe in combination with the italian meringue but please do it. Moreover, the cream texture will greatly improve as well, since it will get as much smooth, stiff, fluffy e velvet as no other one could ever dream of even remotely look like. If you use raw egg whites to whisk the cream will remain granular, porous…
    Apart from this, this is one of the few recipes that stick to the original one.
    Good job!

  3. Excellent, I've tried this recipe twice now and it's mouth watering each time. I did however substitute the Marsala with Cognac. Thanks again, love your channel

  4. Not so classic ON SO MANY LEVELS. where is the vanila and the kaluha? What the hell is the egg white doing in there??? The layer should be only one unless you are a fat pig. and no cream at the bottom of the dish, you clueless girl. And, please forget your mixing motors for a while because you don't want the cream/cheese to turn into butter due to hard mixing. just fold and beat it a bit with a spoon or fork.

  5. Made it for my mum's birthday today and it is amazingly delicious! I tried loads of your recipes and they work all the time! Thanks for sharing your recipes! 🙂

  6. What is the fluffy white mixture shown after you wish the egg whites?…is that how the egg whites turn out? I'm confused because you are wisking the egg whites and then it cuts off to show a bowl of fluffy white mixture…

  7. Michela, mam you are so beautiful that instantly fell in love with you the moment i saw your videos…. and of course great cook … subscribed and looking forward to watch all of your videos  –   your fan 🙂

  8. Looks tasty. Can i use ricotta or something else because mascarpone is not available up here ? And thanks for the recipe, i will try it as soon as i can i am really big fan of your recipes,

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