Classic French Onion Soup Recipe with Crostini and Gruyere Cheese


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  1. HERESY. Too small of a pot and not enough butter 4 qty. Too thick onions better thin. NO SUGAR ever. Not healthy and not needed when using butter to brown. Use sweeter onions. RED onions better.
    Garlic will overpower the onions so not a good idea…etc

  2. I don't know what you call this, but classic it is not… It is a made it up as I went along onion soup. The garlic, red wine, sugar and balsamic bear no resemblance to classic.

  3. I like to NOT use garlic in the onion reduction, but instead brush (strained) garlic butter on the crostinis.
    But that's just me. There are so many possibilities.
    Like …..lay one tiny sprig of thyme (or basil or tarragon) on the floating crostini, just before topping with the baked-on cheese.

  4. By far one of the best French onion soup recipes (if not the best) in terms of authenticity, detail, simplicity of how to do it.
    For the ones that get frustrated making this soup, here is your answer.
    I'm sure the flavor is incredible as well.
    Chef 👏👏👏💚

  5. I've been watching all these French onion recipes. You did the vinegar…very different. Maybe a dryer wine? As the person eating it, what do I do with that thyme you put on …I hope it is just garnish.

  6. My grandpa, chef in Paris Ritz always said : never trust American hipster who wear hat and Apple Watch while cooking,
    French don’t cook like that
    Over sophisticated

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